important Articles Related to President of india

✍Important Articles related to President of India.

🇮🇳Article 52 — The President of India

🇮🇳Article 53 — Executive Power of the Union

🇮🇳Article 54 — Election of President

🇮🇳Article 55 — Manner of election of President

🇮🇳Article 56 — Term of office of President

🇮🇳Article 57 — Eligibility for re-election

🇮🇳Article 58 — Qualifications for election as President

🇮🇳Article 59 — Conditions of President’s office

🇮🇳Article 60 — Oath or affirmation by the President

🇮🇳Article 61 — Procedure for impeachment of the President

🇮🇳Article 62 — Time of holding election to fill vacancy in the office of president and the term of office or person elected to fill casual vacancy

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🇮🇳Article 70 — Discharge of President’s functions in other contingencies

🇮🇳Article 71 — Matters relating to, or connected with, the election of a President or Vice-President

🇮🇳Article 72 — Power of President to grant pardons, etc., and to suspend, remit or commute sentences in certain cases

🇮🇳Article 74 — Council of Ministers to aid and advise President

🇮🇳Article 75 — Other provisions as to Ministers

🇮🇳Article 87 — Special address by the President

🇮🇳Article 123 — Power of President to promulgate Ordinances during recess of Parliament

🇮🇳Article 143 — Power of President to consult Supreme Court

🇮🇳Article 352 — National Emergency

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🇮🇳Article 356 — President’s rule

🇮🇳Article 360 — Financial Emergency

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